Financial Planning: Case Studies

How Mutual Funds Can Help You Plan Your Retirement? (06 Nov 2018)

Do you think your retirement corpus is sufficient? Think again

Are You Among The 35% Parents Who Will Not Be Able To Finance Their Child’s Future? (31 Oct 2018)

Every parent wants the very best for their child, but…

6 reasons why women need to be financially independent? (12 Jul 2017)

A large number of women are efficient home-makers but depend on their family when it comes to finances. PersonalFN discusses the importance of financial independence for all women.

"Double your money within a year": Do you get carried away with such claims? (10 Jul 2017)

Quest of earning maximum returns often translates in bad investment decisions. Considering ponzi schemes is one of them.

Are You Ever Going to Become Wealthy? Take this test to find out... (26 Jul 2016)

Take this interesting quiz and measure your approach towards wealth-building.

Are You In a Situation Of Debt Overhang? - A Case Study (07 Jul 2015)

Are you also overburdened with loans, read this to know your options to overcome your financial situation

Defining an Appropriate Asset Allocation (13 May 2014)

Asset Allocation can help you achieve your financial goals. Read Mr. Ram’s case which will help you to determine its importance.

Here's what our Retirement Planning Survey 2014 revealed (11 Mar 2014)

PersonalFN concluded a Retirement Planning survey, and many valued readers actively participated in it. In the survey we’ve got some really interesting findings, which we would like to share with you

Financial Planning in case of Uneven Inflows (04 Mar 2014)

It is important to understand difficulties faced by individuals whose salary has a higher component of variable pay and bonuses.

Case 4: Planning for your Golden Years (05 Nov 2013)

Know how you can plan for your retirement and live a stress free retired life

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