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How I Got My Wife To Invest In Mutual Funds… (19 Jul 2018)

Like every couple who engages in sensible money-talk after marriage, we were trying to understand each other’s outlook towards money.

Is Your Mutual Fund Portfolio Based On Your Risk Profile? (19 Jul 2018)

Unfortunately, not many Indian investors understand the importance of customization of financial advice.

How Mutual Fund Distributors And Banks Cheat You (17 Jul 2018)

Banks, Corporate mutual fund distributors, their sub-brokers, individual distributors, mutual fund agents and some of the newly founded robo-advisory platforms, all work for commissions.

Is Mutual Fund Categorization Affecting Your Portfolio? Review It Now! (16 Jul 2018)

it’s quite possible that you might be holding mutual fund schemes that are not in line with your risk appetite or unsuitable to fulfil your financial goals.

Creating Wealth Is Possible For Everyone (Not Just For Rich) (11 Jul 2018)

A small investment of Rs 5,000 per month in a diversified equity mutual fund every month can help you earn close to Rs 25 lakh over 15 years.

PPF v/s Mutual Funds: Which Is Better? (10 Jul 2018)

When you are investing for the long-term to address certain financial goals, select between PPF and mutual funds wisely.

Does AUM Size Affect Mutual Fund Performance? Here’s What You Must Know… (10 Jul 2018)

The effect of a fund’s size on mutual fund performance is a growing concern, especially in light of the massive inflows that have increased the mean size of funds in the recent past. How should you deal with your investments, if the size of your mutual funds portfolio has grown significantly?

Get the Best Robo Advisor To Help You Accomplish Financial Goals (09 Jul 2018)

PersonalFN Direct is an automated platform offering customised investment advice. It recommends you direct plans only.

Which Mutual Funds Can Protect and Grow Your Savings Post-Retirement? Know Here… (04 Jul 2018)

Most retirees may not be well-prepared for the greatest risk post-retirement. PersonalFN takes a look at which type of mutual funds can help to overcome this risk.

Why You Seriously Need To Think About Investment Planning (03 Jul 2018)

Investment Planning is crucial as it helps you achieve your goals. If you really wish to build wealth and achieve your financial goals, crafting your own portfolio wisely is a must! Aimlessly investing in multiple investment avenues is no good.

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