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Should You Be Investing In India’s First REIT? (18 Mar 2019)

As on December 31, 2018, Embassy Office Parks reported a committed occupancy of 95% with over 160 prestigious tenants accounting for 81% of gross rents.

HSBC Large and Mid Cap Equity Fund – Should You Invest? (16 Mar 2019)

HSBC Large and Mid Cap Equity Fund, is an open-ended fund investing predominantly in large cap and mid cap stocks

Poor Performance Of SIPs Can Cost You Your Financial Goals … (15 Mar 2019)

Those who started SIPs about a year ago are perhaps yet to break even. SIPs have generated disappointing returns for many investors over 3 and 5 years as well.

Is Your Portfolio Strategically Placed To Ride The Election Rally? (12 Mar 2019)

When there’s polarity in the experts opinions, whom to trust is a big question, that too in an election year when every day can be full of surprises.

What Do The New Mark-To-Market Valuation Norms Mean For Liquid Funds? (11 Mar 2019)

The world is going to change for complacent and lazy fund houses and fund managers.

Mutual Funds Folios Increased! Are Investors Turning Wiser? (08 Mar 2019)

As far as mutual fund investors are concerned, they have definitely become more mature in the last 4-5 years. But they have more to learn.

Should Mutual Funds Risk Your Money With Commodity Derivatives? (05 Mar 2019)

It seems, the capital market regulator has allowed mutual funds to invest in commodity derivatives for better hedging.

Mahindra Pragati Bluechip Yojana -- Wealth Creating Proposition for Your Portfolio? (02 Mar 2019)

Mahindra Pragati Bluechip Yojana, is an open-ended fund investing predominantly in large cap stocks

Are You Holding Debt Mutual Funds With Stressed Assets? (28 Feb 2019)

Some mutual fund schemes and fund houses have not only failed in identifying the danger, but also perhaps refusing to learn from their past mistakes.

Reliance Junior BeES FoF: Should You Invest? (25 Feb 2019)

Reliance Junior BeES FoF, is an open-ended fund investing in Reliance Junior BeES ETF.

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