The Right Financial Advisor Is Around the Corner    Jan 11, 2016

Dr. Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and an inspirational leader famously said, “Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

It’s so true indeed. You might have experienced the toughest moment of your life when you were probably unprepared to face difficulties. But how you respond to the unforeseen must have affected many aspects in your life. If you were quick enough to learn from your experiences and brave enough to change the situation; you may have come a long way. If you couldn’t handle the situation rightly; life might be still a struggle for you.

“Similarly in finance and investing, your response to changing market conditions decides 90% of your success and only 10% is decided by the actual market movement. “ For example, when a few large investors unanimously feel that an asset has bad prospects, they start selling it. When views of many others concur with those of a handful big investors, the asset prices continue to fall further. This wouldn’t change anything in your life, unless you join them or prefer to shun the common consensus point of view.

In today’s world, the investment environment has become complex like never before. Tensions between two Middle Eastern countries are enough to shake the whole world up. A decision to hike interest rates in the world’s largest economy affects asset prices. Global factors have become as important as the domestic ones in determining the asset price movement.

Without even a shadow of a doubt, you need an expert to help you respond correctly to such difficult market conditions. Therefore, you have a mutual fund advisor who recommends the most suitable funds to you. You seek the advice of stock brokers and research analysts when creating a portfolio of stocks. You look to the financial advisor for assurance before buying gold as an investment. You opt for services of insurance advisors when acquiring adequate insurance and buying competent insurance products effortlessly. This gives you an idea of how dependent we are on financial advisors and the like.

Being aware about this dependency on them, many financial advisors have pulled wool over your eyes time and again. This isn’t a question of their competency. A dishonest financial advisor, who’s actually a (mis)seller of financial products, deceives the investor convincing them of his expertise. Apart from them, there are a few others who don’t accurately understand the nuances of financial products and market dynamics, yet they advise you on personal finance. They often use and pass on ‘borrowed advice’ to you. Dishonest or incompetent advisors are equally bad for your financial wellbeing.

PersonalFN believes investors need someone who’s more than an advisor. You need a financial guardian.

As per Merriam Webster, a guardian is someone or something that watches or protects something. PersonalFN believes a financial guardian has a very vital role to play in today’s world. Professionals and entrepreneurs, like you, can’t dedicate precious time to assess their financial advisors for knowledge, competence, and integrity. There are many competent advisors in the industry, who are not unethical per se, but they probably are unaware about the power of being thoroughly ethical. With a little training, these financial advisors will start making a difference to the quality of advice. PersonalFN has been creating a platform where competent and ethical financial advisors can be reached out.

At present, a majority of individual investors feel lost and rather disgruntled. They don’t know where to go for advice and how to get their portfolios back on track. PersonalFN has decided to create an environment where investors feel they are in safe hands.

PersonalFN keeps unethical advisors at bay by exposing their misdemeanors wherever possible. Those who are affected by our forthright, unbiased word don’t appreciate our work. We are encouraged by the emails and comments we receive, especially when it’s defensive attacks from such advisors. But, there is a difference between those who either work for money or publicity and PersonalFN. Unlike, them, PersonalFN won’t badmouth and backstab those in the profession of providing financial advice and distributing financial products. On the contrary, PersonalFN will give you an opportunity to find an impeccably trustworthy and competent financial guardian.

Make no mistake; PersonalFN isn’t trying to sell you anything. It works with a profound sense of integrity and dignity so you can achieve your financial wellbeing.

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since the Government has changed in May 2014, financial advisors have created many stories to sell you products. Equity markets are down by about 8%-9% over the last 6 months. Proponents of gold investments now have no place to hide. Real estate prices have started stagnating many pockets. While fixed income securities are looking unattractive as interest rates have started falling.

Dear reader, although it looks like it’s getting bleaker, PersonalFN has a solution that will serve as night-vision binoculars.

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