Is Lack Of Corporate Earnings Growth Making Market Valuations Worrisome? (30 Oct 2017)

While Nifty 50 has rallied nearly 20% over the last one year, P/E multiple on a trail earnings basis has peaked over 26 from approximately 22 about a year ago.

Derivative Detox: Here’s What’s On SEBI’s Mind… (13 Sep 2017)

But the one currently under consideration is of unprecedented magnitude.

Detox From Derivatives: Here’s What Brokers Are Saying… (06 Sep 2017)

Apparently, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is looking to overhaul the existing framework for the derivatives market.

Nifty Past 10,000! Here Are 5 Factors Driving The Market… (31 Jul 2017)

This psychological barrier concurred at a time when many experts and analysts were predicting the market would crumble under the pressure of high valuations.

GST And Its Potential Impact On The Indian Equity Market… (06 Jul 2017)

Any weakness in the Indian stock markets experienced on account of implementation of GST and its impact on the Indian economy is likely to be short-term in nature.

9 Factors That Are Pushing The Sensex To Great Heights (29 May 2017)

Before you too join the bandwagon, it’s time to do some assessment and see what led markets to rally so much in a matter of 21 days.

Why Banks May Report Poor Earnings Next Fiscal Year… (17 May 2017)

While institutional investors are going gung ho on financial stocks, not all’s well in the sector.

How SEBI Chief, Tyagi Plans To Make Stock Market More Accessible (25 Apr 2017)

According to the SEBI-Nielsen survey, 90% of the household still prefer bank deposits, while only 10% prefer investing in stocks and mutual funds.

4 Things To Watch Out For After Modi's Landslide Win In UP Polls… (14 Mar 2017)

CNX Nifty touched an all-time high when the markets opened for the first time after UP poll results.

How Demonetisation Move Instils Speed Breakers For India’s GDP (23 Nov 2016)

At the fifth bi-monthly monetary policy review scheduled on December 07, 2016, RBI is likely to revise its GDP estimates downwards.

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