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Do you know, Interest On EPF Is Taxable Even Post-Employment (20 Nov 2017)

Leaving your EPF money untouched even when you are not in the formal employment isn’t a good option, especially if you are young.

How The Changes in GST Rates Impact You, The Common Man (13 Nov 2017)

With the government announcing a major revamp in GST rates, PersoanlFN analyses how this will affect the common man.

Can You Rely On EPF For Your Retirement? Know Here... (30 Oct 2017)

As the government decides EPF interest rates for 2017-18, let’s understand if EPF rates are adequate for your retirement kitty

Should You Resist Linking Aadhaar With Your Bank Account? Know Here... (23 Oct 2017)

For the existing account holders, December 31, 2017, is the deadline to link their Aadhaar number with their bank accounts.

Where Do Most Indian Park Their Savings (11 Oct 2017)

When compared to those of their international counterparts, personal balance sheets of Indians look strikingly different.

Watch Out! The Government Is Considering Levying Inheritance Tax (09 Oct 2017)

More than anything else, its plans to impose a tax on inherited estate looks like a final effort to shore up revenues.

Good News! More Power To You As A Consumer (05 Oct 2017)

While the consumers are turning modern and digital, the laws meant for protecting them are 3-decade old—inadequate and outdated.

Will Small Saving Scheme Rates Reduce Further? Know Here… (28 Sep 2017)

At present, the macroeconomic situation justifies lower interest rates on Small Savings Schemes.

Here’s How The Finance Intelligence Unit Can Nab You. Watch Out! (21 Sep 2017)

A number of cases of suspicious transactions reported by banks jumped from 61,361 in FY 2015-16 to 3,61,214 in FY 2016-17—a rise of 489%.

New Smartphones To Have BHIM. Here’s How It’s Useful For You (18 Sep 2017)

Its features make BHIM a perfect app for doing routine low-value transactions.

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