How To Link Aadhaar With Your Mutual Fund Investments    Sep 06, 2017

In the effort to track down black money, the Government has extended the linking of the unique Aadhaar number to nearly all financial transactions. Hence, by linking the PAN, bank accounts, mobile number, Employee Provident Fund (EPF), and the link to demat account and mutual fund folios, the Government will be able to keep track of nearly all financial transactions.

It will be difficult for income tax evaders to reroute their illicit wealth, as all transactions can be tracked by the government income tax officers.

While making Aadhaar mandatory still remains a contentious issue, with certain factions citing the compulsion of the linkage an invasion of privacy, the Government seems hell bent on making this unique ID a key document to avail of financial services.

This requirement has been brought into the law via the Prevention of Money-laundering (Maintenance of Records) (Second Amendment) Rules, 2017, which have been notified by the government under powers delegated to it by the parliament through the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002.

Therefore, you need to link your Aadhaar with your mutual fund and demat accounts by December 31, 2017. Submit the details before the due date to avoid having your mutual fund folios frozen.

This article is a guide on how your Aadhaar card can be linked to your mutual fund folios.

Presently, Computer Age Management Services (CAMS) and Karvy Computershare, which together service 31 fund houses, offer an online facility for investors to link their Aadhaar to mutual fund accounts. Other registrar and transfer agents, such as Franklin Templeton Asset Management (for Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund) and Sundaram BNP Paribas Fund Services (for BNP Paribas Mutual Fund and Sundaram Mutual Fund), are expected to launch such a service very soon.

If you have invested in schemes across a number of fund houses, chances are that you will need to furnish your details to both the registrars – CAMS and Karvy separately. Similarly, if you have invested in schemes of Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund, BNP Paribas Mutual Fund or Sundaram Mutual Fund, you will need to contact the respective registrar.

Link your Aadhaar card to Mutual Fund accounts serviced by CAMS:

Step 1 – Visit the CAMS website

On the CAMS website -, the facility to link your Aadhaar is available under the investor services tab. You need to click on the option ‘Link Your Aadhaar’.

(Source:, PersonalFN Research)

Alternatively, you may directly visit the link -

Step 2 – Fill in a short form

On clicking, ‘Link Your Aadhaar’, you will be taken to a short form as below:

(Source:, PersonalFN Research)

Here you will need to enter your email id, PAN, Aadhaar number, and mobile number.
As soon as the PAN is entered, the screen will be refresh to provide a list of mutual fund companies in which accounts have been opened. By default, ‘All My Funds’ is checked. Hence, your Aadhaar number will be linked to all the folios under the Mutual Funds mention. We suggest that you go with the default option on the form.

(Source:, PersonalFN Research)

The mobile number provided should be the one registered to your Aadhaar number. If you have not yet listed your mobile number or if you no longer have access to the mobile number registered, update your mobile number at the earliest at a permanent Aadhaar enrolment centre.

To update your mobile number or email id with CAMS, you may do so here -

Click ‘Submit’ to move on to the next step.

Step 3 – Authenticate the details provided
After submitting the details, a One Time Password (OTP) will be generated and sent to the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the field provided and provide your consent to CAMS by selecting the check box.

(Source:, PersonalFN Research)

On clicking ‘Submit’, you will get a success message stating that your Aadhaar has been successfully linked to your mutual fund folios.

(Source:, PersonalFN Research)

Link your Aadhaar card to Mutual Fund accounts serviced by Karvy Computershare:

Step 1 – Visit the Karvy website

On the, the facility to link your Aadhaar is available on the right-hand side of the homepage. You need to click on the option ‘Aadhaar Linking Made Easy’.

(Source:, PersonalFN Research)

Alternatively, you may directly visit the link -

Step 2 – Generate OTP to access account details

The online facility is only available to those who have registered their email id or mobile number with Karvy serviced mutual funds. This mobile number needs to be the same that is registered with UIDAI.

If your email or mobile number is registered, enter your PAN to generate an OTP, which is sent to your registered email and mobile number.

(Source:, PersonalFN Research)

Step 3 – Link Aadhaar to Mutual Funds online

On validating the OTP, you will see a list of mutual fund companies in which accounts have been opened. By default, all the mutual fund AMCs are checked. Hence, your Aadhaar number will be linked to all the folios under the Mutual Funds selected. We suggest that you go with the default option.

(Source:, PersonalFN Research)

Provide your consent to Karvy by ticking the check box. Enter your Aadhaar number in the field provided and click ‘Submit’

After clicking submit, you will receive a confirmation popup stating that the Aadhaar number will be linked post confirmation from UIDAI. This will complete the process.

(Source:, PersonalFN Research)

Other Aadhaar – Mutual Fund linking options from Karvy:

  1. Submit physical form – You can download the common form to link Aadhaar here. Fill and submit the form at any of the Karvy Branches or dispatch to the address given in the form.
  2. Linking through SMS – Send (ADRLNK <PAN> <space> <AADHAAR NUMBER> <space > <space> <Y> ) to 9212993399 from your registered mobile number. On authentication, the same will be updated across all your folios at Karvy Computershare.
  3. Through distributors registered with Karvy – Registered distributors can scan and upload the Aadhaar linking form of their clients. You can check with your distributor if they are registered with Karvy to utilise this route.

Do note that the Aadhaar linking process, through either registrars, will only be successful if all the details such as Name, Date of Birth, Gender etc. match correctly. If there is a mismatch in these details, either at the registrar or at UIDAI, the linking will not be successful. You will then need to resolve the discrepancy and reattempt the linking process as above.

To get Aadhaar details corrected, visit -

For corrections in CAMS serviced mutual funds -

For corrections in Karvy serviced mutual funds -

While complying with regulations from time to time may be inconvenient, it is mandatory to complete it before the due date to avoid your account being frozen, which can lead to further difficulties.

To avoid unauthorised use of your Aadhaar card, you can lock your biometrics here - This system will enable you to lock and temporarily unlock your biometrics in order to protect privacy and confidentiality of Biometrics Data.

PersonalFN is of the view that linking Aadhaar to Mutual Fund accounts is just one more hurdle mutual fund investors need to overcome in the long journey towards wealth creation. Investors should remain focussed on their long-term financial goals and invest in the right mutual funds to fulfil those goals. The basics of investing in mutual fund schemes remain the same, irrespective of any changes in regulations.

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