Was Your Insurance Claim For A 'Pre Existing Disease' Rejected? Here's Some Good News! (12 Feb 2020)

IRDAI has modified Pre-existing disease definition

All About Aarogya Sanjeevani Policy- A Standard Health Product To Be Launched. (06 Jan 2020)

The IRDAI has issued guidelines regarding a new health insurance policy that has to be uniformly sold by all the insurers

How Are Life Insurance Claims Handled In Case Of Mysterious Death (15 Mar 2018)

How are insurance claims handled in case of unnatural deaths?

Why India Needs A ‘Health Savings Account Scheme’ (21 Dec 2017)

For every Rs 100 spent in India on healthcare, Rs 62 is out-of-pocket. The global average of out-of-pocket healthcare expenditure is 18%.

How To Link Aadhaar With LIC & Other Insurance Policies (19 Dec 2017)

You can link Aadhaar with LIC and other insurance policies in a few simple steps.

How To Insure Life Optimally (31 Oct 2017)

Insurance is a vital component of financial planning and can’t be ignored.

How To Port Your Health Insurance Policy (01 Aug 2017)

Just like your mobile number is portable across the network connections, now your health insurance policy is also portable.

Loan Against Your Life Insurance Policy - All You Need To Know (25 Jul 2017)

Now avail for a loan against your life insurance policy. Learn all about it here...

Are You Insured Enough To Fight Cancer? (14 Feb 2017)

A Cancer Care plan can reduce the financial burden to treat Cancer.

How Staying Fit Can Reduce Your Health Insurance Premium? (13 Feb 2017)

The underlying assumption for offering such generous discounts is that healthy people won’t register claims frequently.

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