About Quantum Equity FOF

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the scheme is to generate long-term capital appreciation. The scheme will invest in a portfolio of open-ended diversified equity schemes of mutual funds registered with SEBI

What is this Fund all about?

It is a Fund of Funds - the fund invests in other mutual fund schemes It is an Equity Fund of Funds - It invests in 5-10 diversified equity schemes of other mutual funds

Asset Allocation

90-100% in Equity Schemes
0-10% in Money Market Instruments

Why should one invest in this fund?

The decision to choose which equity mutual funds to invest is highly complex as there are more than 375 schemes. So how does the investor decide which funds are worthy of its investment

The Quantum Equity Fund of Funds simplifies the investment decision by choosing the schemes based on in-depth selection process of quantitative and qualitative characteristics

Who Should invest in this fund?

The fund is most suitable for retail investors who do not have the resources and inclination to make investment decisions.

And instead of depending on an advisor for recommendation, they can invest in this fund and get all the diversification and risk control required on their investments

When can one invest?

Quantum Equity Fund of Funds is open for continuous subscription since 22-July-09

Are their any loads?

Entry Load - NIL
Exit Load - 1.5% within 1 Year from date of Allotment

Minimum Investment Amount

Rs 5,000 and in Multiples of Re. 1

Minimum Additional Investment

Rs 1,000 and in Multiples of Re. 1

Minimum Redemption Amount

Rs 1,000 and in Multiples of Re. 1

Plans / Options?

Dividend - Payout and Re-Investment

Systematic Investment (SIP)

Available - Minimum 6 investments of Rs 1,000 each

Systematic Transfer Plan


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