PersonalFN recognizes that Mutual Funds are the simplest way to invest in a variety of investment instruments. They provide you a cost efficient way to take exposure to equity, debt, gold, real estate and many such assets which require huge amounts to be invested in. But with mutual funds, you can start with a very small amount and get invested in a highly diversified portfolio of these instruments.

However, with the number of investment schemes out there in the market and the lack of proper guidance to help investors decide on the right investment for them, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right scheme to invest in. Rankings and ratings change frequently, and decisions based on them lead to frequent changing of the portfolio thus adding to transaction costs and taxes.

So, how can you avoid all this and keep investing in the right mutual funds in a simple way.

The answer lies with PersonalFN’s mutual fund services, research and Fund of Funds

  1. Mutual Fund Portfolio Service - Highly personalized mutual fund advisory services offered to you through our Investment Consultant. Periodic Reviews and Ongoing recommendations ensure that you maintain the portfolio that is in line with your risk appetite and suited to achieve your long term goals. Click here to know more about this service and how do you benefit from it.

  2. Mutual Fund Research - Our range of online subscription services on mutual fund recommendations help you make the right decisions for your investments.

    1. Get detailed research driven recommendations (buy/sell/hold) on equity mutual funds through FundSelect. Click here to know more

    2. Get detailed research driven recommendations (buy/sell/hold) on debt mutual funds through DebtSelect. Click here to know more

    3. Get Portfolio of Mutual Funds for Equity as well as Debt through FundSelect Plus – No hard work for you at all! With the 6 portfolios available, just choose what suits your risk appetite and invest. Ongoing review of the portfolios by PersonalFN will ensure that you remain on top with your investments.Click here to know more

    The Research services are non personalized and offered on our website www.Personalfn.com. For more information on subscription write to us at subscribe@personalfn.com.

  3. Quantum Equity Fund of Funds -  The Quantum Equity Fund Of Funds is the simplest solution to invest in a long term equity mutual fund portfolio. Powered by Research from PersonalFN and managed by Quantum Mutual Fund, it brings to you the best of both the worlds. If you do not want to be hassled by selection of funds, doing multiple transactions, this is the fund for you. IF you are new investor wanting to take your first steps towards mutual fund investing, you should come to Quantum Equity Fund of Funds. For more info, Click here.

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