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Are You Afraid Of Being A Victim Of Tax Terrorism In FY 2019-20? (08 Apr 2019)

Chasing citizens of the country, looking upon all of them as tax evaders and vesting excessive and unreasonable powers in the hands of government officials might set wrong precedents.

Evading Income Tax May Soon Become Impossible. Here’s Why… (01 Apr 2019)

If your income declarations don’t support your standard of living, then your life is going get tough hereon.

How Has The Budget 2019 Impacted Your Personal Finance? (04 Feb 2019)

Here we present the top announcements made by finance minister that will affect your personal finances.

Has The Interim Budget 2019 Left You Smiling And Happy? (01 Feb 2019)

The budget speech made a conscious attempt to even underline the achievements of the Modi-led-NDA government.

Expectations From Upcoming Interim Budget 2019. All You Need To Know! (31 Jan 2019)

Common man’s Wishlist from the Interim Budget 2019

Now The I-T Department May Chase You Again. Here’s Why… (01 Nov 2017)

The latest Supreme Court ruling clarified that I-T circular won’t apply in a retrospective manner. In other words, now cases between 2011 and 2015 can be revived.

Beware! The Government Is Eyeing Your Interest Income (11 Sep 2017)

Submitting 15G and 15H when you don’t fulfil the set criteria can land you in trouble.

I-T Department To Launch A Mobile App For You. Here’s What You Need To Know (20 Jul 2017)

The app will link your profile to your PAN thereby letting you track all your I-T related activities.

NRIs Watch Out, You Could Be Under The I-T Lens (20 Jul 2017)

In the absence of any official announcement, NRIs will have an option to skip revealing information about their foreign bank accounts.

Don’t Panic If You Miss The Income Tax Return Deadline This Year. Here’s why… (19 Jul 2017)

Penalties liable under Section 234F of the Income Tax Act, will be applicable from AY2018-19

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