NRI Investment

Can NRI bonds be the answer to contain falling Indian rupee? (22 Jul 2013)

The rupee, as many of you may be aware, has depreciated over 8.5% against the U.S. dollar since the beginning of the current fiscal year.

Tax Implication on NRI investment in Mutual Funds (05 Mar 2013)

PersonalFN describes how NRI investment in mutual funds should be taxed i.e. the applicable tax rate and TDS rate.

How NRIs can make the most from Indian debt markets (10 Nov 2012)

The current interest rate scenario makes India a lucrative investment destination for risk-averse NRIs who are in search of preserving capital or their hard earned money. When compared to the U.S., Euro-zone and the other BRICS nations, India offers higher interest rates. For example a 1-Yr bank fixed deposits offer interest rates in the range of 7.25% - 9.0% p.a.

5 Things NRIs must keep in mind while investing in India (03 Nov 2012)

Financial Planning for Non Resident Indians can be much the same as Financial Planning for Resident Indians - there are only a few things which NRIs need to keep in mind when executing the Financial Plan i.e. when investing.

Investment Avenues in India for NRIs with High Risk Appetite (20 Oct 2012)

Our earlier series must have given you the idea about how India is still an attractive destination for NRI investors. We also have considered asset classes that you can take exposure to.

Investment avenues in India for risk averse NRIs (13 Oct 2012)

With galore of investment products available and rampant financial innovation, many NRIs are often left to wonder as to which investment avenue, is the most suitable. Although there’s information galore on where one can invest in this world of financial exuberance, the real question is, are you attaining wisdom to manage your hard earned money.

Rupee loans to NRIs may attract foreign currency flows (05 Sep 2012)

The Indian economy has been reeling under pressure, as global economic environment has been downbeat and domestic factors too aren't in good health.

Real Estate in India: An Alternative Investment for NRIs (02 Aug 2012)

By now we have already highlighted you on various financial assets which are suitable for our NRI friends and where you as an NRI investor can invest your hard earned money.

Indian asset classes hold wealth creating potential for NRIs (12 Jul 2012)

In our last article, we took our NRI friends through host of domestic socio-economic fundamental factors which still makes India a promising investment destination despite overcast of debt-overhang in the developed economies. Today, in context to those factors, let us see whether the important asset classes in India are indeed enticing for NRIs to invest.

Why is India still an attractive investment destination for NRIs? (06 Jul 2012)

With the world turning deranged and petrified with debt-overload and timid economic growth in the developed economies, investors are wary of investing and diversifying across countries.


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