FoFs (Domestic / Overseas ) - Gold

SchemeSub CategoryMin. Inv(Rs.)NAV(Rs.)Exp. Ratio(%)SIP Min. Inv.(Rs.)
DSP World Gold FoF-Reg(G) Commodity - FoFs10016.24972.34100
DSP World Gold FoF-Reg(IDCW) Commodity - FoFs10010.83362.34100
Quantum Gold Saving Fund(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs50023.16010.06100
Nippon India Gold Savings Fund(G) Commodity - FoFs10023.33860.35100
Nippon India Gold Savings Fund(IDCW) Commodity - FoFs10023.33860.35100
Kotak Gold Fund(G) Commodity - FoFs10023.42460.5100
Kotak Gold Fund(IDCW) Commodity - FoFs10023.42460.5100
Invesco India Gold Fund(G) Commodity - FoFs100017.23950.45500
Invesco India Gold Fund(IDCW) Commodity - FoFs100017.24170.45500
SBI Gold-Reg(G) Commodity - FoFs500017.78320.42500
SBI Gold-Reg(IDCW) Commodity - FoFs500017.7880.42500
ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund(FOF)(G) Commodity - FoFs10018.84530.44500
ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund(FOF)(IDCW) Commodity - FoFs10018.84570.44500
SBI Gold-Reg(IDCW-Payout) Commodity - FoFs500017.7880.42500
Axis Gold Fund-Reg(G) Commodity - FoFs10017.86680.5100
Axis Gold Fund-Reg(IDCW) Commodity - FoFs10017.88940.5100
HDFC Gold Fund(G) Commodity - FoFs10018.22780.5100
Kotak Gold Fund(IDCW-Payout) Commodity - FoFs10023.42460.5100
Aditya Birla SL Gold Fund(G) Commodity - FoFs10017.76130.511,000
Aditya Birla SL Gold Fund(IDCW) Commodity - FoFs10017.76050.511,000
Aditya Birla SL Gold Fund(IDCW-Reinv) Commodity - FoFs10017.76050.511,000
LIC MF Gold ETF FoF(G) Commodity - FoFs500015.85520.67300
Motilal Oswal Gold and Silver ETFs FoF-Reg(G) Commodity - FoFs50011.75440.51500
HDFC Gold Fund(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10018.97830.18100
Axis Gold Fund(IDCW)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10019.35530.17100
Axis Gold Fund(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10019.33710.17100
Aditya Birla SL Gold Fund(IDCW)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10018.34930.151,000
Aditya Birla SL Gold Fund(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10018.34670.151,000
ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund(FOF)(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10019.41780.09500
LIC MF Gold ETF FoF(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs500016.58690.26300
Kotak Gold Fund(IDCW-Payout)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10024.52460.15100
Kotak Gold Fund(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10024.52480.15100
Nippon India Gold Savings Fund(IDCW)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10024.30540.13100
Nippon India Gold Savings Fund(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10024.30540.13100
Invesco India Gold Fund(IDCW)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs100017.78640.2500
Invesco India Gold Fund(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs100017.81360.2500
SBI Gold(IDCW)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs500018.51610.1500
SBI Gold(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs500018.54280.1500
ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund(FOF)(IDCW)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10019.41950.09500
DSP World Gold FoF(IDCW-Reinv)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10011.35851.71100
DSP World Gold FoF(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10017.16911.71100
Quantum Gold Saving Fund-Reg(G) Commodity - FoFs50022.97080.21100
Aditya Birla SL Gold Fund(IDCW-Reinv)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10018.34930.151,000
DSP World Gold FoF(IDCW)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10011.35851.71100
ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund(FOF)(IDCW-Payout)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10019.41950.09500
SBI Gold(IDCW-Payout)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs500018.51610.1500
Kotak Gold Fund(IDCW)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10024.52460.15100
DSP World Gold FoF-Reg(IDCW-Reinv) Commodity - FoFs10010.83362.34100
ICICI Pru Regular Gold Savings Fund(FOF)(IDCW-Payout) Commodity - FoFs10018.84570.44500
Edelweiss Gold and Silver ETF FoF-Reg(G) Commodity - FoFs10012.1650.63300
Edelweiss Gold and Silver ETF FoF-Reg(IDCW) Commodity - FoFs10012.1650.63300
Edelweiss Gold and Silver ETF FoF(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10012.2170.2300
Edelweiss Gold and Silver ETF FoF(IDCW)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs10012.2170.2300
Motilal Oswal Gold and Silver ETFs FoF(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs50011.79590.16500
UTI Gold ETF FoF-Reg(G) Commodity - FoFs500011.531 500
UTI Gold ETF FoF(G)-Direct Plan Commodity - FoFs500011.5799 500